To find specialist skills, you need a specialist agency.

Managers are waking up to the transformative power of understanding people’s decision-making processes. In order to transform their organisations, these managers want to hire experts in this field. 

At BE-Recruit, our consultants are experts in Behavioural Economics and related areas. Professional and knowledgeable, we create and nurture close working relationships with clients. We invest the time and effort to ensure that we understand their business, strategies, and culture.

Retained Search
Companies are hiring Behavioural Economics specialists to gain market competitiveness and unique competitive advantages. Therefore, using job boards or typical networks (such as LinkedIn adverts) may not be a viable option. Furthermore by using these methods, it may be difficult to reach candidates in Behavioural Economics.

This is where a ‘Retained Search’ campaign can be particularly effective, as it provides the client with a dedicated project team. The latter works with the client until a candidate has been successfully placed.

•    Access to our talent-mapping and industry intelligence
•    The allocation of our team's dedicated time and resources
•    A campaign that is prioritised until it is successfully completed
•    A quick and efficient process, particularly effective if there are critical business deadlines dependent on a new appointment

Our pricing is dependent on the complexity of the role and the accessibility of the target market.  As a result, the pricing structure for Retained & Exclusive Search is agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Generally, a Retained & Exclusive Search campaign has pre-defined stages with a meticulously-planned structure.  Payment occurs in installments at agreed stages of the process.

Working across business functions:

HR - Compliance - Finance - Marketing - Customer Insights - Public Sector - Charities - Sales