BE-Works - Senior Associate (Management Consultant)

POSITION: Management Consultant / Senior Associate
BEworks Inc.

BEworks is seeking a Senior Associate who is highly knowledgeable of behavioral science, has experience leading experiments, and is passionate about applying academic insights to business and policy challenges in the real-world.
About BEworks
Founded in 2010, BEworks is a global management consulting firm that specializes in applying behavioral economics to business and policy challenges. Our knowledge is a powerful hybrid of academic expertise and business acumen.  We provide our clients with scientific research and in-field experimentation.
Culture is Really Important to Us
This position offers candidates the chance to work with a passionate and accomplished team. On a regular basis, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with some of the worlds' leading academics and business people (not to brag, but this includes a best-selling author as well as renowned TED Talk presenters). We have an unconventional culture and we welcome a candidate that has a passion for consulting, experimentation, learning, but also already has expertise in the fields of psychology and/or behavioral economics, and a keen sense of humor. We’re a small but mighty team that works hard and plays hard. You’ll find that we’re always enthusiastic about coming into work on Monday mornings, even after a week of late nights and lunches that entail intense discussion on topics like the merits and limits of the System 1&2 taxonomy, the good versus bad of intuition in decision-making, updated views on the importance of emotion as reason, the limits and insights of evolutionary psychology, and thoughts on neural networks.
Job Description:
The Senior Associate is accountable for leading projects. At BEworks, the Senior Associate is actively involved in project management, new business development, experiment design, and practice management (and whatever else needs to get done!). This includes identifying and responding to prospects, proposal development, overseeing research and experiments, coordinating project timelines and discussions with the team and the client, and ensuring our thought leadership and deliverables are nothing short of exemplary. The team is a highly collaborative where all the BEworks associates and academic advisors work together.
Estimated Break-down of Responsibilities:

New Clients – 5%
Prepare proposals, research prospective clients; estimate work effort; participate in pitch meetings
Existing Clients – 50%
Project Delivery; follow BEworks Methodology
Behavioral Diagnostics
Choice Architecture
Practice Management (how we do it)  - 20%
Maintain billable hours guidelines; ensure and follow best practices in client delivery; ensure company philosophy for integrity to process and client expectations; grow skills in client delivery
Building the Intellectual Property (what we do) – 20%
Maintain and enhance leading-edge application of BE and supporting skills  (experimentation, statistics, etc), Conduct primary research; grow knowledge of BE and related fields
Vision (where we’re going) – 5%
Track competitors; emerging best practices; represent company at conferences
Day-to-day responsibilities:

Client management - ensuring that accounts and clients receive the appropriate level of service and coordinating the work of all teams across the BEworks methodological framework
Timeline management – developing and managing project timeline and communicating project status and next steps
Communication – co-developing client reports, participating in/delivering presentations, and explaining academic research and statistical results to clients in a manner that is relevant to them
Research –gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing information and existing research relating to clients, markets, products, services, and academic research
Thought leadership – participating and adding value to brainstorm sessions on client issues and solutions by applying research from the fields of behavioral economics, psychology, and neuroscience
Experimentation – supporting the design and building of both large and small scale randomized control experiments to test hypotheses and optimize client solutions
Business development – identifying business opportunities and supporting proposal writing for potential clients
Grunt work – willing to ‘roll up sleeves’ and work at all levels of the organization
Role Requirements (“Knowledge”):
Familiar with literature on behavioral economics, social psychology, cogntive psychology, marketing, judgment and decision-making, neuroscience, and economics
Ability to read and summarize academic journal articles and to source and utilize academic findings in a business setting
Familiar with different scientific methods to conduct research, including descriptive research to describe sentiment and current behavioral state, correlational research to identify relationships, and experimental research to uncover causal relationships
Experience with analyzing and describing results, making statistical inferences, and generalizing results to a wider audience
Comfortable using different experiment methodologies (e.g., incentive compatible design, surveys)
Strong desktop publishing skills, including traditional business software programs such as Excel and PowerPoint
Role Requirement (“Assets”)
Masters level or higher education in judgment and decision making preferred or psychology (preferably cognitive or social psychology)
Experience with designing, building, and running randomized control trial experiments  (e.g., research assistantship)
Analysis: Experience using statistical analysis to identify trends, patterns, and relationships in the data and make them relevant to the decision makers (eg ANOVA, regression, mixed effects modeling, and factor analyses)
Coding: Familiarity with standard Web languages eg HTML 5 and Javascript, in order to build complex experiments in Qualtrics
Tools: Knowledge of statistical analyses/spreadsheet modeling (including statistical analysis software suite such as SPSS, JMP, R, Stata, or SAS)
Detail-orientated, strong organizational capabilities, and outstanding communication, speaking and writing skills
Beyond specific skills, the ideal candidate is a high energy, self-starter who possesses a strong commitment to excellence, an ability and desire to work in a highly collaborative (and frankly, sometimes noisy) team, a voracious appetite for learning, and a willingness to always go the extra mile. Or leap.

We would welcome and encourage you to apply even if you do not think you might meet all of the specified qualifications above.
Interested candidates should forward a cover letter and resume to and also please fill out our screening survey linked below.
Employer: BEworks Inc.
Contact:      Kelly Peters, CEO & Managing Partner
                        In care of: Sonya Karanicolas, Office Coordinator
Address:     317 Adelaide Street West, Suite 400
                        Toronto, ON  M5V 1P9

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