U.S. Air Force - Behavioral Scientist / Psychologist

Behavioral Scientist (AFSC 61B)
Req Code    120-STS-OH0-14
The Psychologist - Behavioral Scientist is to support US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, of 711 HPW/HP, Human Systems Integration Directorate.

The mission of the 711 Human Systems Integration Directorate (711 HPW/HP) and purpose of Human Systems Integration (HSI) is to optimize warfighter capability through a human-centric approach to system development, acquisition, and sustainment.

The Psychologist must have the ability to apply human performance theories and principles in the analysis and design of human systems, apply human modeling capabilities to facilitate the analysis and design of human systems, synthesize and appraise the domains of HSI in a systems acquisition context, and appraise the political, organizational, social, and economic issues associated with integrating human-machine systems into organizations.

• Capability Planning Assessments and Analysis. Provide consultation and analyses to support a more comprehensive consideration of the human element in the assessment and analysis of capability gaps. Identify quantity and type of analysis/assessment provided per program. Provide impact statement/Return on Investment (ROI) data.
• Review all MAJCOM capabilities-based documents staffed in the Information and Resource Support System 
• Provide HSI plan for supervisory/technical director review.
• Prepare and submit input reports for Working Group (WG) meeting
• Capability Modifications. The contractor shall work with capability managers to review System Modification Forms (AF Form 1067) for human-related issues and drive HSI domain considerations into deficiency investigations and resolution.
• Capabilities Development, Production and Deployment. The contractors will provide support to program offices for the acquisition phases: technology development phase; engineering and manufacturing development phase; production and deployment phase; operations and support phase.

• Graduate degree in behavioral science, psychology; sociology; or human factors engineering is mandatory. Completion of one or more of the following courses at the graduate level: mathematics, statistics, quantitative methods, research analysis, research design, research methods, modeling, simulation, systems engineering is mandatory.
• Completion of the Acquisition Fundamentals Course (WFAM 103) or (L30QR63A1) or Defense Acquisition University Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management (ACQ 101) will be required or equivalent classes in Acquisition Management.
• Minimum of 5 years experience in human factors research, development, design, and technical writing or related field. 
• Minimum of 3 years experience specializing in HSI and defense acquisitions. Preference will be given to degree in HSI, certification in HSI, or participation in HSI certificate program.
• Experience in writing a variety of technical articles, reports, brochures, and/or manuals for documentation for a wide range of uses.
• Knowledge of Government regulations, manuals, technical orders, standards and industry publications related to the discipline required to perform the work on the Task Order.
• Expertise in specifications and/or utilization in a specific HSI domain (manpower, personnel, training, human factors engineering, environment, safety, occupational health, survivability, and habitability.
• Experience with research in laboratory and field settings.
Special Requirements/Certifications
Candidate must be able to pass a National Agency Check.

Physical Requirements
• Ability to effectively and efficiently handle multiple tasks simultaneously with precision and adapt to changes in responsibilities and workloads.
• Possess extensive organizational skills and the ability to work independently.
• There may be times when it is necessary for the contractor to work after duty hours in support of specific tasking's. 

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