Bon Appetit / Google - Director of Food Choice Arhcitecture

Position Title: Director of Food Choice Architecture 
Reports to: Global Account Director (Global team, Google) & Regional VP 
Location: Mountain View, CA

The Position 
The Director of Food Choice Architecture (FCA) is part of a team of Compass Senior global 
directors focusing on the unique needs of our global Google account. The role directs and 
delivers, in the specific subject matter area of choice, architecture which, simply defined, 
creates environments where features, noticed and unnoticed, can positively influence 

This role is responsible for creating tools (options) that influence people’s behavior in a 
predictable way, without forbidding options or forcing outcomes. 
Key Role responsibilities 
1. Behavioral Economics 
● Act as and be the global subject matter expert on further developing and applying 
behavioral knowledge and insights in corporate food services. 
● Identify and develop opportunities (knowledge development, demonstration projects, etc.) 
to partner with global partners in this space. 
● Develop, maintain and refresh training materials and coordinate the rollout and 
implementation of training across all relevant Compass @ Google stakeholders. 
● Coordinate the rollout and implementation of agreed upon guidelines and insights across 
Compass @ Google sites. 
2. Enabling function 
● Identify, develop, build out and maintain key initiatives around the world to ‘enable’ 
Googlers and their families to make the appropriate food choices at work, at home and in 
the community. Google is increasingly concerned that the value of their food program at 
work needs to be extended beyond the campus. 
● Tool kits include but are not limited to: defaults, expecting error, understanding mappings, 
giving feedback, structuring complex food choices and creating incentives 
● Utilize proven marketing strategies for item placement to maximize positive choice 

Design Guidelines: 
● Contribute to integrating choice influence in cafe and micro-kitchen (snack environments) 
● Continually innovate space, display and food/plating designs to better engineer choice 
● Contribute to the development and ongoing refinement of global guidelines on 
menu and menu item/dish labeling, ingredient disclosures, food allergies, diets, 
dietary disclosures and portion sizes at Compass@Google sites. 

Google Interface 
The role directly faces off to a number of key Google Food team roles: 
● Global Experience and Design Manager 
● Global Food Health and Wellness Manager 
● Regional food service managers 
Direct report to Helene Kennan, Regional Vice President 

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